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Round Kitchen Tables With Leaf

round kitchen tables with leaf

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gobble gobble

gobble gobble

I've been having a GRUMPY past few days. I've been working on two quilts, both of them have turned out to be extremely ugly and not what I wanted. Last night at quilting I decided to take a step back and work on an early gift for Mr. McPorkchops Grandparents. They LOVE to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is *NOT* something I'd normally make but gosh it was so so so much fun and it took my mind off things for a bit.

This was a kit/pattern that my local shop, Scottie Dog Quilts, here in Eureka sells. It's pretty gosh darn cute. I got it pieced, quilted and bound in under 4 hours. Easy peasy! The only thing I didn't do was hand applique it on, I decided to raw edge applique so when it washes the turkey feathers, face and neck stand out more and are fuzzy.

I'm obsessed with all things autumn and I'm going to hang this in my kitchen until Mr. McPorkchop gets home on Thursday and we mail it.

round kitchen tables with leaf

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